Monday, January 19, 2009

Snow Day Treats

I made my own marshmallows! I learned how here, and it was a fluffy, sticky, no-bake adventure! I melted a very nice chocolate bar once I cut the marshmallows, and streaked them with the tynes of a fork.

I also mixed up some hot chocolate mix. I wanted a mix you could add water to, not milk. I made a big batch, and packaged everything individually. I know the boxes are from Christmas, but since they're red, I'm pretending they're an early Valentine's treat.

The marshmallows, melting in the hot chocolate, are creamy and lovely and the whole thing has also peaked my interest in candy-making. Too bad I don't like candy.

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Angel said...

Oh, I made these too! Way easier than I expected. I like the chocolate touch you gave yours. I dipped mine in crushed candycanes before throwing them in hot chocolate.