Monday, March 2, 2009

Hoo Hoo is 1?

This owl sweater is the first piece of clothing I've knitted in a long time. I made a size 2, though I gave it to a special (leap year) 1 year-old this past week, so she could grow into it in coming months.

I love owls, and when I saw this pattern on the "free" table at a yarn shop, I knew I'd be making it right away! It was really fun, and I'm going to make it again, perhaps in a charcoal gray color. I like the idea that the owls are peaking through a dark night sky.

If you like the sweater, and want to make one for yourself in an adult size, I found a really nice one with a free pattern download. Make one for yourself and one for your child!! You know how I love coordinated outfits...

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Angel said...

This is gorgeous!