Sunday, August 16, 2009

Back to Life

I'm sorry it's been so long! I've been feeling better, and working a lot. I also celebrated my 34th birthday, complete with a homemade gift and dinner from my unhusband, a visit from my sister and her beau, and a phone call from my long lost best friend. Lately, I've been spending the work week in another English city, working for a company I've always wanted to work for. Since I'm away from my sewing machine, I'm knitting the most ambitious project I've attempted to date. I promise to share it all with you soon!

In the meantime, my good friends have been busy as well. Some announcements, with illustrations from my vintage card collection:

Willow Wells-Lamont was born on August 9th, 2009, and will hopefully soon be wearing
this and these!

Summer Watkins is the newest (and 3rd) niece of Mr. Jones. I'll be visiting her next weekend! She is also the recipient of these.

Enna Rae Davis was born on August 5th. I can't wait to see how she grows up, since her mom has such an interesting perspective on things. She'll be getting this and these in the mail soon, and I hope she enjoys them.

Welcome to the world, girls!

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jociegal said...

Welcome back Holly! I love those sweet little items you have made for the multitude of babies coming into the world. Also - Happy Belated Birthday and I hope to see you soon as I am headed to London in 6 days and counting. :)