Sunday, September 6, 2009

Love 4: Bristol, England

I've been spending some work time in Bristol, in the Southwest of England. It's been so nice, I thought I'd share some photos.

In Bristol, even the grafitti is color coordinated!

The bridges go between parts of the city and National Trust land, for biking and hiking.

It's very hilly, with beautiful houses that overlook views of the Avon river and the English countryside.

And friends you love greet you in the lobby. Can you guess where I've been working?


Lisa said...

Aardman?? if so: WOW!

Anonymous said...

Oh my Gawd -- you've been working at Aardman!! You are soooo lucky! Sorry if this comment is really late, and you're already back in the States -- I just found your website. And to see the rabbit and Gromit in the photo -- wow! What a day brightener. Hope you enjoyed your time there. Lucky!