Thursday, September 3, 2009

Mattey and Me

My best friend Mattey and I have a hobby. We like to get some outfits together and go to a Superstore photo studio to get our photos taken. At first the employees always tell us to smile, but once they understand that we're not there to get a nice photo necessarily, they usually get into the fun. It always ends with Mattey and me crying with laughter, purchasing the largest photo package, and anxiously anticipating the prints.

I'm starting to get the hankering to do another photo soon, as it's been a few years now since this last one. Any suggestions on the outfits?


ikindler said...

Maybe pose with some super-fancy, tricked-out poodles?

craft chica said...

3 friends and I went and got really bad Christmas outfits. There was a mom, dad, boy and girl. I was the girl and wore a hunter green velvet little girls dress with a cream lacy collar, lopsided pigtails and Santa bows in them, and candy cane tights. The boy wore a too small suit with a hunter green tie, Mom wore a sweater vest with yarn packages Christmas tree and bells and candy cane turtle neck, dad wore a giant sweater with an embroidered buck on it. We posed at Sears on a sled. tears of laughter were shared.