Monday, October 19, 2009

Calendar Girl

Hi! I'm excited to be included in this calendar. It's called "Sewing Calendar 2010: More than 100 new sewing projects with detailed instructions" by Accord Publishing. My ice cream cone pattern is on July 19th.

I thought it might be the kind of calendar that you often find at those strange book clearance stores in American strip malls. You know the kind? Instead, it's designed really nicely, includes pattern pieces, and lists websites from each project, so I can find many more crafters in the new year. I'm so happy to be published among them!

It's also highly endorsed by half-blind poodles, who are very crafty in their own right.


jociegal said...

Very cool Holly! How did this come to be?

Lorena said...

Well done! You are a PRO!
I have a little peep now and then to your blog, I love to see what you are up too.
The last jumper you made it looks a bit big, as you said, big body, big neck, is it because the pattern did not allow you to do it? A part from that it looks really good. I Have this lovely thin, 100% wool yarns and one day I will try to do some of that fair isle - a very simple one.
Any way, very cool discovery. I wich I can get that calendar, is it in shops?

Kimmay said...

Just letting you know that I found you through the Sewing Calendar 2010 that my Mom gave me for Christmas. It's quite nice, and your ice cream cone tutorial is lovely!