Monday, October 5, 2009

A House for My Beloved

When I came back from Bristol, my sewing machine was in a corner of the apartment getting dusty. I couldn't really place blame; I was gone for 5 weeks and I wouldn't expect it to retain valuable space on our few tables. But it bothered me that it was collecting dust, seemingly unloved. So last week I took 2 days to make a sewing machine cover for my Bernina, which I purchased used, without any kind of case.

I had no pattern, just used a familiar theme, took some basic measurements, and used scraps I have here at home. The best thing about it is that it's reversible, so if I get sick of the house, a lovely sewing-themed print lies beneath.

Now my machine sits proudly on my craft shelf, warm and dust free in its new home. Hoorah!


Clair said...

I love this, I might need to make something for my machine which is too heavy to bother lifting in and out of its case. And it will stop tiny fingers pressing buttons and turning dials

sew nancy said...

nice house for your beloved:)

Elizabeth said...

I love it! Wish I had one too.

Esther Sunday said...

Super cute. I love the window boxes. My sewing machine cover is just a floral sheet tied with lace at both sides. Kind of lazy, but is works somehow!