Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Party Cardigan

I've finished my first cable knitting project! I don't know what took me so long to learn cables. I thought they were much harder than they are, but now I can't wait to do more (why is knitting so addictive?).

This is the Jackie Cable Cardigan from the baby book (again!) The sweater is quickly going into Christmas storage, for one of my newborn friends. My plan this year is to have the biggest handmade Christmas EVER, making as many things as I can. And living in a country without Halloween or Thanksgiving, I'm not afraid to start early.

Even though many of my friends now read this blog, I'm going to post handmade things they might receive for Christmas here anyway. I run the risk of hearing "I got the cardigan? I wanted the twin set!", but if all goes to plan, I'll be done making the gifts so early they'll forget all about the posts by December 25th. C'mon, a girl can dream.

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jociegal said...

Wow - I LOVE LOVE LOVE this! Nice work! I hope you are enjoying yourself over there in London Town! Also - I will dedicate some bites of my Thanksgiving meal to you!!!