Saturday, November 14, 2009

The 3 Sisters

Mr. Jones has three nieces age 12, almost 2, and almost 1. I wanted to make them complementary knitted gifts, with touches of color in each that would correlate with each other. I love relationships between the colors people wear, and thought it would be great if, when they played with each other, they coordinated in a really subtle way.

For 12 year-old Chloe, I made Endpaper Mittens (from this free pattern). When I work at the wool shoppe, all the 12 year-olds girls request fingerless mittens from their knitter moms. You never know with 12 year-olds, but I'm hoping these will be cool enough to make it out of the house!

For almost 2 year-old Poppy, I used the extra Liberty fabric from a dress I'm making for myself (will I ever finish that dress?) to make a simple elastic waist skirt that I sewed from a vintage children's pattern (McCalls 5793). The Cable Yoke Sweater is a design of my colleague Claire, from her new book. I might have to adapt these patterns to adult sizes. I love them so much, I would wear the whole outfit.

Finally, for almost 1 year-old Summer, I made a fair isle yoke sweater. It's the same one I made before, though this time I charted my own fair isle hearts. I'm really happy with how it came out.

I can't wait to give these gifts to three lovely English ladies at Christmastime. I hope wearing them brings the girls even closer!


claire montgomerie said...

Holly, you have been sooo busy! I love everything you have made, especially the fairisle yoke cardi. Your cable yoke sweater is very cute and one of my favourites from my book.
see you soon x

sew nancy said...

i love all of these projects as i am sure the ones who receive them will