Thursday, December 10, 2009

Kool Sox

This is a gift for a non-crafter, a busy person who does lots for others, and would probably do more crafts if she had time. I knitted some socks with Plymouth's "Dye for Me" cotton sock yarn. The color of the undyed yarn is actually really beautiful. I'm calling them "Snowdrift Socks" because they remind me of soft piles of the year's first snow. With them, I'll be giving her two packets of...

Kool Aid! So that if the crafting bug strikes, I can send her a link like this one, and she can dye them herself, on a cold winter's day. It looks like a great activity for kids, too!

I'd really like to try the kool aid dying and thought about doing it to the socks or the yarn to begin with. But moreso, I like the idea of leaving the door open to someone who might or might not like to try a new craft in the new year.

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