Sunday, December 6, 2009

To Make, and To Share

I fell in love with this little blank book. It's cover is based on the ladybird books, a popular and much sentimentalized series from years past. They're one of those things that if I had lots of money, I would collect. I bought this blank book, and was writing my favorite recipes, knitting patterns, etc. in it, planning to give it to a friend who liked the same hobbies.

I thought it was a nice gift idea for anyone that wants to share ideas, much nicer than printing recipes and patterns and sticking them in a folder. It might be something nice to pass down to kids, as well.

The last time I made my favorite cake, however, I couldn't find the recipe. So I used this book, got batter on the back cover, and now won't be giving it away. Another excuse to buy another one! Just what I needed...


sew nancy said...

this is a great idea
oh and which pattern is the bear hats? your own?

Unfurled said...

My bear hat pattern is coming soon, I promise. Stay tuned!