Thursday, January 14, 2010

Speaking of hats...

It's snowing every other day here, and absolutely freezing. I know it's probably like that where you are, but I like England because it's usually temperate. So I spent one quick morning knitting myself a new hat, to lift the spirits.

It's the Meathead Hat, from the Knitalong book. It's in a bulky yarn called Andy's Merinos from Farmhouse Yarns that I picked up at Flying Fingers, near a friend's house in New York . I thought this hat would be amazing in silver, where you could attach a paper banner and make it into a Hershey's Kiss hat! I just might have to do it. I love pinks and oranges together though, and if there's one thing I love most about knitting, it's getting to know the sheep whose wool I'm knitting with. This is the adorable label from Andy:

Besides thinking about knitting and the weather, I'm thinking about Haiti a lot, and wondering how I can be of assistance. I've already made a donation to the International Red Cross, but am looking for a way to use my skills more specifically. I'll keep you posted if I find one.

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jociegal said...

Great hat Holly! I love those colors. And - do keep us posted with what you find about Haiti. That has been on my mind all day and I just cannot even imagine all that they must need there now.