Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hello again, Moomins!

Do you know The Moomins? They're the best. The Moomins series is the sort of animation I couldn't believe existed when I discovered it: "I could have made this! I would have made this! I wish to god I had made this!" The best thing is that when I visit Northern European countries, I often see them (not the real Moomins, but close). I picked up a DVD of the whole series while I was in Vienna (Moomins in English and German!). At the Marimmeko shop in Copenhagen, they had a storefront devoted to Moomins. And, better yet, the shop is on Hans Christian Anderson Boulevard, as you can see in the upper right of the photo:

I picked up a tea towel at the store. It's made in Sweden and cost me £15 (for a tea towel, oh my) but I still had to have it. It proudly adornes my tiny kitchen:

And if you have no idea what I'm talking about, here's a movie, for your edification. They were originally comic book characters you see, and though I don't have any of the comics, it's the animation, made of fabric, that really has me smitten:

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Alexandra said...

You went to a Marimmeko shop? I am so jealous!