Sunday, February 21, 2010

Bristol Knitting 1: A Hat For Kyle

When I'm in Bristol, I work with Kyle. Kyle is a riot, and he keeps me very entertained, as well as being a great help. This time while I was there working, I taught Kyle to knit. I thought he was joking when he said he wanted to learn, but he showed up on Monday with needles in hand, ready for a lunchtime lesson. And he did really well!

It was Kyle's birthday while we worked (and knitted) together. So I made him a hat in the evenings while he worked hard on his first scarf in the day. I didn't use a pattern, just cast on enough stitches and went with a colors I thought would be good for Kyle, definitely ending with a big pompom on top.

And it was a big success! By all reports, Kyle is still knitting now that I'm gone. Go Kyle, go! I'll be inspecting your scarf next time I see you!

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