Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sandi's Quilt

Maybe you remember that I made cupcakes to remember my childhood dog Sandi, who died of complications related to eating too many sugary foods. Here she is in her better days, catching bubbles I would blow her way, when I was little.
Well, maybe not a lot of you know that Sandi Klein had her own quilt. She won it herself! Many many years ago, we went to the Church Bazaar (we used to call it the Bizarre Bazaar) and the Church Quilters were having a raffle for charity. $.25 a chance, or 5 chances for a dollar, to win a handmade quilt. My dad gave them a dollar and put the four names of our family members into the draw, plus one for Sandi. Guess who won?

I destinctly remember answering the telephone as a child, when someone on the other end said "Hello, is Sandi Klein there?" "Yes," I said, staring at her standing below me. There was a long pause. "Can I speak to her, please?" said the Church Lady. "You can," I said, "but she probably won't talk back". Eventually we sorted it all out, and went to collect Sandi's prize.

One of my New Year's resolutions is to make my first quilt. My mom is an amzing quilter, and has a cabinet full of them at home. But Sandi's Quilt is special, and now, years after her death, it's being put to good use by her successor. If only Jack could be just as lucky as Sandi!

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