Thursday, March 11, 2010

Behind the Seams

I worked on a really fun advertisement recently, and thought you might like to see it. It was an ad for the clothing label "George" by ASDA (which is the UK Walmart). Because I had sewn under the camera before, I was recruited out of my seat in front of a computer to advise and reenact all things sewing.

Please add Hand Model and Art Director of Sewn Elements to my resume. Here's the result:

It was a really different job for me, if only because there was no animation, and no elements to composite afterwards. It was a two day shoot, with a Phantom HD camera, which specializes in high definition slow motion filming. Did you see that shot of the buttons dropping and spinning? Want to know how it was done? The camera was put on an arm, which the cameraman swung really fast as the Prop Master dropped buttons from above. The falling buttons were filmed at 1000 frames a second. Here's a sneak peak at the quick moment of filming:

All in all, a really fun day at work, with some extra sewing supplies to take home at the end!

And now, back in front of the computer, I'm dreaming of some time to use them.

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Lorena said...

Wow, Holly, How interesting! I found you for the kntting stuff, by clicking and clicking, you know how it is... and yet, there is so much to see!