Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Bristol Knitting II: Woolies for Willow

While I was in Bristol, my friends there told me that Willow was rapidly outgrowing her clothes, specifically her socks (could it have been a hint?). So, with my nightly hotel time, I crafted this little set for her out of Madeline Tosh Sock Yarn (color: Grasshopper).

The hat is the Stella Pixie Hat from my favorite baby book. The hat pattern is available for free here, and the only alterations I made were on the tie, which I changed from a button band. I simply cast on 60 stitches once I was done with the hat, picked up stitches along the bottom edge, then cast on another 60 stitches and knitted back and forth for about 15 rows, then cast off.

The socks are my own pattern, but similar to the striped ones in the same book. I simply used my own trusty sock pattern and altered the numbers a bit to make it miniature. If you'd like either my personal sock pattern, or my baby sock pattern, leave a request in the comments. If there's enough interest, I'll write them up!

Anyway, I think the new woolens were a success. Even though it's still cold out, it's nice to know the Garden Gnomes are around, thinking about a Springtime return!

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Miss_Oakden said...

Willow looks sooo cute in these, I bet she really loves them!