Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Baby Knits: in Use!

As many of you know, some of my favorite things to knit are baby clothes. I'll tell you why, lest you accuse me of being, well, broody, as they say here in England. Baby clothes are quick knits, the construction of the patterns are often really inventive, and most of them are made with 4ply yarn, which populates most of my stash. Besides that, giving baby clothes is immensely pleasurable, and grateful parents often provide you with photos of the most adorable models in the world. That is the single best thing about it. Here are some post-Christmas photos I received of knits I made last year:

Enna Rae in her Orange Onesy

Summer in her Heart Yoke Cardigan

Willow in her Party Cardigan

You'd think by reading their names that I was friends with a bunch of hippies (haha!). But seriously, now that these babies are a few months older, I feel like starting another whole round of knitting for them. I don't mind that they outgrow the knits, if they look this cute wearing them. More baby knits to come!

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Anonymous said...

Holly, this stuff is gorgeous, and fun! Let me know if you need a toddler model - my daughter is a tiny 2.5. :-)

-Sarah Chumsky