Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Take 2

I've been working so much these days that my time and attention to crafts has been really limited. I seem to get home, do some knitting, go to bed, wake up in the morning, realize what I was knitting is totally wrong, unravel it, and begin again that evening. I'm obviously just too tired, and it's just totally maddening.

A while ago, my knitting guru Linda gave me the advice that once you've finished knitting a pattern you love, you should cast on again and make another one right away. That way, you can easily make changes to the pattern once you know it quite well. I've rarely taken this advice (there's so many new patterns to try!), but when times get so busy, I like to return to my favorite patterns. I made the three below a second time, and changed the first two to knit them in the round instead of constructing pieces and finishing them later. Even though a good amount of time has passed, I remembered more of the patterns than I thought I would. It's amazing how you never forget anything...it's always stored in your brain somewhere, isn't it?

This Owl Sweater is my favorite. I gifted this one (made of Louet Gems Sportweight), but already have the wool for a third. I really think every child I know should have one. You can buy the pattern here.

I found this mushroom patch and thought it, with coordinating mushroom buttons (if you can see), would be the perfect addition to a great onesy. I originally knit it here, and this one is also out of Rowan Cashcotton 4ply..

Everyone who knits a Baby Surprise Jacket knits another. This is my second one, in Colinette Jitterbug like the first, perhaps for someone's future Prince?

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Lorena said...

Dear Holly,
Time to time I have a bit of look around in your blog and I am totally amazed of the quantity of stuff you knit, you are ever so fast! Definitely a Pro, beyond any human capability! Ja. Lovely stuff. I would love one day to have a go of the things you do, but I harder as I try I just keep knitting the same stuff: Top tanks, jaja. I did have a little go to a minuscule Fair Isle patter, the simples you can ever get... but it worked really fine ... one day!
Anyway, lovely stuff you make Holly, keep it up, for our own sake, Love visiting your blog. :P