Friday, June 25, 2010

Marled Ruffle

I knitted this dress while during our month in corporate housing, when my sewing machine was still packed up, when I needed some sanity over lunchtimes, and when I could successfully ignore the lists of things we had to do to set up our new life.
The front:

I've made it before here, which made it easy to whip another one up in no time. I love the back ruffle, and would love to see it on a little person (which one will it be?) who is new to walking, come winter.

I can picture it worn with red tights, so I attached some red buttons to the back closure, to match my imagined outfit. It would also be great with a special cardigan!

I love knitting items multiple times. It just seems to come together more easily, and the pattern adaptations I make the first time really help me along. All my Ravelry details are here for the old one and here for the new one. The back:

This one is going in the "deep freeze" (as Nigella would say), meaning a ziplock bag with the air squeezed out, awaiting it's future wearer at a time when 100% wool is more appropriate!

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jociegal said...

Holly - this one had me smiling bigger than usual. I love it.