Monday, August 30, 2010

Sheet Shirt...and a Haircut

I made this sheet shirt out of a thrifted sheet bought for $3. I had been craving a border print since I saw hers, and this sheet already came with one. I think it looks pretty cute, kind of a cross between a mexican guayabera and a 1960s blouse. I used the same pattern as the one I made for Jocelyn.

I'm wearing the shirt a lot. I also wear it under my favorite 70s dress that I've had for so many years but can't stop wearing. It's my Back to School look, even though I'm just continuing to go to work.

I also got a new haircut. Remember I was thinking a about a bob? I went to Bombshells of Beaverton (that's right, you heard me) and this is what happened. I haven't had short hair since about 2001 and I'm enjoying it, wishing, though, it would tuck under just a wee bit more on its own. Oh yeah! And I got that dressform for my birthday from Mr. Jones. It's the greatest.

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