Tuesday, September 21, 2010

WTF Crafting II: Great Pantyhose Crafts

What happened to pantyhose crafts? If you were a kid in the 80s, like me, you saw them often at church bazaars and old peoples' houses. I remember making so many dolls out of my mom's old hose, trying my hardest to make them look like Cabbage Patch Kids, when they would only turn out to be floppy messes with runs where I sewed the details. This book is written by men (Steven Baldwin, this is what you get up to!) who obviously have a lot of pantyhose they don't know what to do with around the house. It contains TONS of projects, and here are just my favorite few.

Do you like plants, especially succulents, because you don't have to water them often? Try a pantyhose cactus! It's the ultimate in synthetic plant life.

I don't know what to say about this footstool. If you have an old pair of Air Jordans hanging around, I think they would make amazing furniture.

Like in our first edition of WTF Crafting, this craft is focused on weight loss. You're supposed to make this pig, wrap it in a tape measure, and put it on your fridge to keep you from eating. Uhh...huh.

These are life-size dolls. But wait, is "Shady Lady" supposed to be a prostitute? And is she just having a friendly chat with Granny? At least they acknowledge that they might scare away visitors.

This one I would make. I would love to give someone a pantyhose self portrait of themselves, or be terrified to receive one. And I like the hat, absolving you from implanting any hair into those stuffed pantyhose. Christmas calls!

If you would like this beautiful book for your collection, please email and I'll put it in the mail to you, free of charge. All I can say is, WTF??

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Tabitha said...

wow. just wow.
maybe "Stevie" is the wife, like Stevie Nicks? I bet Ed & Stevie would be a fun couple to invite to your next dinner party... :)