Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Real Canadian Tuxedo

I made this bib shirt from Simplicity 3684. I had been thinking about making it for many months, and now I own it, and I'm so pleased. It's made of good quality gingham and chambray from Fabric Depot.

I call it my Canadian Tuxedo, after a Canadian friend who wears Canadian Tuxedos often, and has uttered the phrase, "I love the Canadian Tuxedo. My whole family rocks the Canadian Tuxedo!". I love it too, though this is the closest I come.

Details for the sewists: I cut a size 14 (long version) and the only alterations I made were to leave off the cuffs, extending the sleeves about 3 inches, and then baby hemming them. I think it looks more modern. I also did french seams throughout, and hemmed the entire shirt 3 inches (maybe I should have cut the shorter version after all). I think a dress would be amazing, too. I really like hers.

I wore my shirt to work and to Burgerville (a local Oregon diner chain) yesterday. They advertised a pumpkin milkshake and I was in.

The shake was legendary. Add it to the list: Things To Look Forward To In Autumn.

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sertyan said...

This is very well made and looks good on you. I have added you to my reader