Tuesday, November 30, 2010

At Play

Hi! Did you have a nice Thanksgiving? We went Back East (I love that expression) and saw one of my favorite people.

The play was spectacular. If you're a fan, I can't recommend it enough. And of course we dressed up for the event. I was going to wear my Halloween dress (as it was very Miss Yvonne), but at the last minute decided to just don my hair accessories and go a bit more conservative. Mr. Jones wore his appropriate attire, too.

After the show, Mr. Reubens came out to tell us how honored he feels to be so loved, and how much he appreciates all of our smiles and attention.

And speaking of smiles and attention, Mr. Jones proposed, and we got engaged. Surprise!

And then a huge Italian guy grabbed our camera, took a photo, told Oliver he "set it up real good. Perfect". And congratulated and hugged us while everyone else cheered. Whoa!


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jen said...

Oh congratulations!! That Italian guy sure did "set it up right" on that photo!

Elizabeth said...

Aw, that's awesome! Congratulations!