Monday, November 22, 2010

Pendleton Teepee Jacket

I've started to sew my Christmas gifts, and this one is really exciting. It's a baby kimono jacket, made from Pendleton wool purchased locally at the Pendleton Woolen Mill Store. I only peripherally knew about Pendleton wools before I came to live in Oregon. Then I found this shop and I can't stop thinking about the place. I just love it there.

They sell remnants of Pendleton's amazing fabric, on big tables, for a discount. This piece was .44 yards, and I was able to get one tiny jacket out of it. I made up the pattern from a few different ones I had around the house, and edged the whole thing in bias tape. After cutting it out, there are some extra bits left (including a few extra teepees!) that I plan to make into coasters. Who could leave even a square of this fabric behind? I made this Oliver and S playsuit, from scraps from my shirt, to go with the jacket.

Together, I think they make a very smart outfit for a very small person. There's something about remnants, isn't there? It's like a puzzle, to fit the right project to just that amount of fabric, and make it look like you planned it all out from the very beginning.

I might make more of these little coats. Maybe I'll even put a couple in my shop (I have a shop? what the..?) or do a giveaway. I'm always on the lookout for things to make/buy the baby boys I know, as crafty clothes are sometimes hard to come by for little boys.

This, I think, is a nice little getup for either gender. As for Pendleton, I'll be exploring the company in it's different locations, in coming months. I'm officially obsessed.

PS. Have a lovely holiday week, everyone. We are going East to see family, a show that I could not be more excited about, in one of my favorite cities. Hope your week is safe, and fun!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great comments about our Pendleton Woolen Mill Store! I love hearing what customers have created with our wool. Julie, Woolen Mill Store Manager.