Thursday, November 18, 2010

Workday Special

At his request, I made this apron for (my, you know, fella) Mr. Jones. Out of the few things that I've crafted for him over the years, this one is getting the most use. Here he is in his workshop (as you might know, we work in the same place), looking pretty cute in it.

I live in Portland, Oregon, but I work in a (god-forsaken) suburb of Portland. It's populated with industrial estates, strip malls, and fast food restaurants. One exciting day, I saw a nutria crossing the road, but that an anomaly. This week, however, I was greeted with this:

Not as special as a new apron or a real live nutria, but lovely all the same!

PS. You can find more of Mr. Jones here and here. And watch some films we made together here and here.

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