Wednesday, December 15, 2010

From Your Godmother

The hurry up last minute Christmas knitting has begun. Well, it might be close to finished. Except for that one last minute thing I know I can get done..(you know how it is). There will be lots of little things to show you, if we could just get a full hour of natural sunlight a day, for photographs.

This sweater is for Poppy. One of the greatest things about 2010 was that I became Godmother to Poppy and her sister Summer. Mr. Jones' brother and his wife asked us, and we were so excited. So for Poppy, I made this 100% silk sweater (Ravelry details here) and it's the softest thing I've ever made. I want to make one for every little girl I know.

This sweater can now be wrapped and put under our tree (before it goes in the suitcase to England). We chopped (or sawed) this beauty down a couple weekends ago, the first time I had done that in decades. I could show you a million dorky photos of this, but I'll refrain. We decorated it with vintage Christmas balls from the thrift shop, and some extras that I picked up in New York.

Now Poppy's sweater is reminding me of my past Christmas tree. I really hope she enjoys it, and I hope to see her in it someday soon, looking very cheery and bright!

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sew nancy said...

I am in love with the is little sweater. I want to make the exact same one for Scarlet. The pattern is great and those little details. The yarn you used looks perfect for it.
Poppy's sweater may have a twin sometime in the not so far future.

i know what you mean about getting photos. I have a pile of knits waiting for me to point the camera at them.

Happy Holidays to you Holly

The playsuit is adorable too.