Thursday, February 10, 2011

Best Little House in Portland

We drove past this house last weekend, and had to get out to have a closer look. Generally I dislike creativity in landscaping (people with bathtubs on your front lawns, I'm talking to you!), but this little bungalow + shrubbery was just dreamy.

I love a bit of topiary. And the places I've liked living most (New York/London apartments, the house I'm in now) have always been one story. Not only did this house have these things going for it, but it had a matching vintage car parked outside.

Mr. Jones and I could not resist the urge to take photos of each other. If you live here and saw us randomly posing outside your house, I apologize. Mr. Jones had just gotten a haircut. He went into a chop shop asking for "The Ronald Reagan". I believe he came out with "The Fonze".

I loved the idea that when you're walking on the sidewalks it looks like you're in a sea of shrubbery waves!

We got back in our old car with Mr. Jones declaring "I'd buy that!", and me declaring, "But only if it comes with the car!". Though it's not for sale (and we're not in the market), it's nice to see a house to which we say 'Bravo'!


colette said...

reminds me of a Lucy Boston story

Adrienne said...

This house is amazing! Do you know the people that live in it? What are they like?