Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Special Kneads: I Knead a Hero

My adventures in bread making have been going really well. Usually on a Thursday morning before work, I'll mix up a batch of Jim Lahey's no knead artisan bread (I use a bit more yeast than is recommended, maybe a bit less than a teaspoon) and leave it on the counter to rise. When I get home in the evening the house smells like a brewery. I do the second rise, then bake it off, and we've got really nice bread for the weekend.

I found a panini maker at the thrift store for $10 and it has changed weekend lunchtimes around our house. Stick whatever ingredients you've got left over in a sandwich, grill it in a panini maker, and it magically becomes the most delicious sandwich you've ever eaten.

I have a habit of spending lunchtime talking about possible sandwich fillings to put in future paninis. Mr. Jones generally interrupts with, "Are you gonna just list sandwich ingredients, again?". Lunchtime ends with a wipe to the corner of our mouths, an explanation that we "would have paid £8 for that in the center of London", and a proud clearing of the dishes.

I love a new kitchen gadget, don't you? I know I've gotten old(er) because now I buy more kitchen gadgets than CDs. Are there any quirky things that make you know you're getting older? I would love to hear.

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tracy_a said...

hee hee! buying more kitchen gadgets than CDs...sounds familiar.