Thursday, February 3, 2011

VeeDay Preperation

I love Valentine's Day. I like the idea of boys buying cliche boxes of chocolates and roses (though I don't know if I've ever gotten either). I love the colors red and pink (especially together!), and I love a heart. Its shape is so simple and satisfying, no? Lately I've found (or been shown) some pretty great Valentine's projects around the web. Here are a few of the ones I love:

Stellar socks! Free pattern here.

Gorgeous handwarmer! Free pattern here.

The loveliest cake. Free tutorial here.

See, who said Valentines Day needed to be expensive? I think this year I'm going to try my hand at candy making. I don't even like candy, but it sure seems crafty to make! And I've got a 1950s book that is truly inspiring me.

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Betty Boogie said...

Oh I like all those things! I had run across the cake tutorial with no time to pull it together for V day but I plan to do it for next year, and I happen to have some red yarn that just might NEED to become those glovies. Pink and red stripe socks!! oh how cute! I have never made sox and I think it would take me years as I am truly the slowest knitter I have ever met. But should I ever decide to make socks I am pretty sure those would be on my list!
Oh now I want a piece of cake. :-)