Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Special Kneads: I Get Around

Behold the Pyrex 'Bake a Round', found at the Goodwill for $8! I was intrigued, excited, and a bit fearful, as the only instructions it came with were 3 photos on the side of the box.

It's a glorified glass tube in a wire rack, where you stuff your dough before the second rise. Could it really make me an elongated crusty loaf?

I greased the glass. I had images of myself poking half cooked dough out of the tube with the handle of a wooden spoon. I put those thoughts out of my mind, and stuffed the dough in, and waited.

At the point where there was only a small amount of space at either end, I couldn't wait anymore, and popped the rack in the hot oven.

After checking it a few times, there was jumping up and down with glee. It worked! It was toasty and crusty and looked edible! I danced like Peanuts Characters. I praised Pyrex, and the Goodwill, and of course myself!

We had sandwiches on fresh loaves, for lunch. Mr. Jones doesn't want you to see his half eaten sandwich, but I don't care. I like the bite marks, and the unruly tomato, and the bread.

Next time I use the 'Bake a Round', I'm going to try a pure white loaf, so it's really light and airy. This was made with Bob's 10 grain bread mix, and though delicious, was a bit dense. Other than that, I loved it! It reminded me of the bread we used for the hoagies we made in high school, for the school band fund raiser (ahhh memories).

If you see one of these contraptions at your thrift store, pick it up, and bake around! It was outstanding.


christine donee said...

that's so cool!


jeannie said...

Hi - I have a couple of suggestions for your bread.
So if your bread is a bit dense try this -soak the 10 grains in some water before you add it to the bread dough, and or use more water than the recipe calls for because the grain will absorb more liquid than you would think.
The other thing that i have done is cook the 10 grain first and add the cooled "cereal" to the mixture. i hope that helps.

So cool your Pyrex find - that's really neat.

I like your blog and will continue to read it. Thank you for sharing your life.