Monday, April 4, 2011

Colette All Around!

Recently I sewed 'Macaron' by Colette Patterns (available here). I didn't mean to make mine so similar to the one on the website, but it ended up pretty close.

The fabric is from the Pendleton Woolen Mill Store here in Portland, making the pattern, plus fabric all native to Oregon. The Mill Store was having their "March Madness" sale, and this fabric cost around $20 total. It's so beautiful!

It's a great dress for now - when the weather is too warm for heavy woolens (I've just packed up my vintage ski sweaters for another year) but too cold for all cotton.

This was the first time, in my over 20 years of sewing, that I've ever installed an invisible zipper! I liked it, but I'll need a bit more practice before I'm totally converted.

Overall, I think the dress came out pretty well, and I'm looking forward to wearing it to work and around town.

Speaking of Colette Patterns, 'Curvy Kitten' is the lucky winner of March's Sencha Pattern Giveaway. Congratulations! Stop back tomorrow when I announce April's exciting giveaway.


Anonymous said...

I love you macaron, great colours! Mine is pale blue and navy pinstripe and with the weather warming I'm looking forward to wearing it again. I've had the supplies for the Beignet skirt for 2 months now waiting for the right time to get started. I am totally an invisible zipper convert, come over to the dark side with me now!

Collections said...

This dress is beautiful I can't believe you made it! I love the color combination you chose, the light blue and grey go so well together.

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Kathleen said...

I really like how your Macaron turned out. It fits well and I love your fabric/color choice. And about that invisible zippers: I had to try three times before I got it right. Blegh. But in the end everything turned out just fine. :D