Thursday, March 31, 2011

I Heart Intarsia

Are you familiar with Intarsia knitting? It's a graphic knitting technique where each color is kept on a spool, and knitted into the fabric by changing colors, locking them together with a special twist of the yarn. I haven't done much of it since I designed the Hat for a Prince, but lately I've had such a craving to try it out again. How sweet are these designs?!

Animal Pullovers for kids by Nicky Epstein (patterns available for purchase here).

Hi 5 mittens (from Kate Spade, thanks Beatriz). A small project, which I could use for practice...

Amazing lamb pullover (source unknown). Love the unusual placement of the Intarsia.

How great is this sweater from "Play It Again, Sam" (thanks for citing the source for me, Jen!). It's a Schiaparelli sweater (like this one I'm dying to make, from a free pattern) and SO CUTE. Plus, who doesn't love Diane Keaton?

The cutest apple sweater (from Bobo Choses), worn the the best kid's party I have ever seen.

Maple Bay Cardigan from this book, in my (never ending) list of knitting book wish list.
Have you ever tried Intarsia knitting, and if so, how did it go?

In a few days I'll announce the winner of the Sencha Pattern Giveaway (there's still time to enter!) and announce the giveaway for April. Stay tuned!


Beatriz Craven... That Girl in Pearls said...

The Hi 5 mittens are from Kate Spade. I was eying them too!! They are so cute. Definitely a great project to take on!

Hope you have a wonderful day!

That Girl in Pearls

jen said...

The movie is Play It Again Sam, and all of D.K.'s clothes in it are awesome. Then again, her clothes are always awesome. It is a great movie, especially if you enjoy early Woody Allen.