Thursday, April 28, 2011

WTF Crafting: Wild Animal Knits

Remember how I said I loved intarsia knitting? Well, sometimes it can be taken to another level, as evidenced by this book "Wild Animal Knits" that I could not resist picking up at the thrift store. I hate animal prints, period. I will never wear a leopard print anything, let alone knit something in an animal print. But if you're going to go all out, this book shows you how, and the prop styling (get ready for the bad wild animal pun) is off the chain!!

It's an amazing cover. But wait, what is that smaller image on the left? Oh, a girl in a monkey sweater, standing next to the worst monkey suit ever! What's with his face, what is he wearing on top of his head, and why is he leaning on an inflatable banana? If I would have seen this gorilla as a child, I would have been screaming my head off.

Then there is the "Culture Vulture", because everyone needs a vulture sweater, especially men living on the cutting edge of 80s culture. These men STACK THEIR PIZZA ON FORKS to eat it. Is this a West Village look, or a character out of the Cosby Show's final season?

I guess someone might want to knit a sweater that depicts turtles turning, in front of fences. To me, it just looks like someone walked their dog by these fences and didn't bring their (ahem) doggie bag.

"Eye of the Tiger" sweater must have been a big hit, as was anything with this name back then, was it not? I love how the woman is acting vaguely sexual with her stuffed animal prop.

A behavior which continues, throughout the book:

Tell me what you imagine the stuffed seal is thinking, if you dare. I think he's merely muttering, "WTF?"

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jen said...

The vulture is reading a cookbook? Wow.