Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Flower Girl

I hope you had a great 3 day weekend! I sure did. We were supposed to take an overnight trip, but canceled at the last moment. I was happy to stay in town, though. I sewed a lot, finishing this breezy floral dress.

It's Butterick 5315, in a linen fabric I bought at the Fabric Depot outdoor sale for only $3 per yard. Making this dress cost about $10 total, with buttons.

I love the shape of the dress, the print, and especially the Peter Pan collar. The only alterations I made to the original pattern was to omit the side zipper. I basted the seam closed, and was ecstatic to find that I could slip the whole dress over my head! So I seamed up the second side and called it a day.

It's going to be perfect for picnics, and vacations, and hot Summer days (can you tell I'm ready for all three?).

I call myself 'Flower Girl' since, later this week, I'll be in my sister's wedding Back East!

I'm her bridesmaid of course, but since we don't have a flower girl I'll be that too, as well as the ring bearer! I'm looking forward to all of my upcoming duties.


Kathleen said...

Very cute dress! I love the pleats in the skirt. And hooray for cheap, but beautiful fabric! :D

sertyan said...

Very pretty! Your choice of fabric is spot on for this dress. You look really happy in it :)