Thursday, May 26, 2011

Original Design: HarVest

Remember the apple sweater in this post, worn at this amazing kid's birthday party? Friends, I could not get that sweater out of my mind. The cuteness of it literally kept me up at night. I went to the company's website to try to purchase one (or fifty, one for each child I know), but sadly the sweater is no longer made. Wanting to make something similar yet not a direct knock-off, I made this apple vest. I call it HarVest:

HarVest is a baby vest, size 3-6 months. It's knit in the round, to make the fair-isle patterning a bit easier than intarsia. I'm still working on the pattern, which I hope to publish for you soon!

First, though, I hope to show you another pattern variation of HarVest, as well as work on multiple sizes. Isn't a bright apple vest what every baby needs this Spring/Summer?

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