Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Girl in the Yellow Dress

This is my favorite vintage dress. I've had it for about 3 years. If you're my friend, and I've been to your wedding in that time, I've worn this dress (and if any of you have shared wedding albums online or in person, you've probably noticed).

I wore my favorite dress this past weekend to a wedding, but it was my last one. I'm retiring this dress. It's just been 'done' now. It being vintage, it's also coming apart. I sneezed at the reception and split a hole near the zipper.

I'm sad to be retiring my dress. Of course, I won't get rid of it. I'll repair it, dry clean it, and store it. But before I become known as "the girl in the yellow dress", I think I'll give up wearing it.

Have you ever had a garment you've retired, but have been sad to do so?
Please do tell (and enjoy this cute photo of Mr. Jones).

Photos by Tristan Oliver


Anonymous said...

What a sad story but a good decision. That is a lovely dress, and I like holding on to meaningful things even if we can't use them still. Perhaps some day you'll find a new purpose for the yellow dress.

Sheila said...

So sad! Wasn't that the dress of Roller-Skating Trolley Dolly fame!?