Monday, June 13, 2011

First Argyle

I've always loved argyle. It's so whimsical and so classic, isn't it? I had just enough yarn left from a few other projects (and do I mean just enough. I came within yards of using up all 3 colors) to make the 1 year-old size of the "Oscar Argyle Sweater" from my favorite knitting book.

I changed the pattern to be knit in the round (like I almost always do with bottom up sweaters for any age). I was taught how to do the math on this from my friend (and former coworker and knitting teacher at Loop), Linda. Being Norwegian, she's an expert. She also said her mom and friends finish many sweaters on their sewing machines! So with this one, I did just that.

I sewed in the sleeves as I would with woven shirts and it not only secured the ends of the argyle, but made me confident that everything was sturdy enough for its one year-old recipient. Try it knitters, you'll love it!

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