Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Another shift dress, just like the last one, except I added a scallop hem. I just traced a jam jar over and over around the bottom, after turning up the hem a few inches.

Worn with this vintage lounge jacket I picked up at the Goodwill, I thought it emitted a nice Palm Springs/Florida Golden Girls vibe.

Is that a price tag on the palm tree? No, it's care instructions. Verrrry organic.

PS. It's my birthday today. I'm 36! It's going to be a big year, I can feel it. I'm celebrating, as usual, with lunch at IHOP.


sheila said...

Happy Belated Birthday!! Was it moons over my hammy?

jen said...

Hope you got a Birthday present with a card attached that said "Thank you for being a friend"

Lauren said...

Happy Birthday!