Monday, August 1, 2011

Waipio Valley Horseback Ride

One of the most spectacular things we did in Hawaii was to take a horseback tour the Waipio Valley. Waipio (meaning 'curved water') Valley begins at this stunning coastline. We descended by four wheel drive vehicle.

Once into the valley, we were given a brief lesson on how to control our horses. I had never been on horseback before! Mr. Jones tried calming me by saying, "These horses are professionals". Indeed, they were.

The streets of the Valley are essentially rivers. Our horses did not flinch going through the water, but we sure did!

The trip took us into areas of the valley inaccessible by car or foot. An ancient burial ground and former home to numerous Hawaiian Kings, Waipio Valley is now home to about 80 residents. Many of them farm taro.

High in the cliffs were waterfalls, hundreds of feet high, pouring into the valley where we trekked. Even in the midst of a drought year, everything was so lush.

We returned our horses to the stable, but not before one last photo.

It was a lovely ride, to a place we couldn't have seen any other way.

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sew nancy said...

Wow! So amazing. I have never been on horseback either. What a great place to try it.