Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Rainbow Brite

I knitted this dress for our upcoming "strawberry" (as we call her), with yarn leftovers from so many other projects I've knitted in the past year. I love how it came out, an outfit for an 80s video game character.

The pattern is "Little Sister's Dress" by Tora Froseth. It's free (so generous!), really simple, and you can download it here (my Ravelry details are here).

I am excited to add something girly to my baby's stash without adding more pastel. Not that there's anything wrong with pastel, and I do like pink, but gad, you end up with a lotta lotta pink for the girls, don't you?

I wanted some rainbow buttons for the side closure, or maybe something featuring Rainbow Brite herself. Finding nothing appropriate, I attached the big black discs and now like them just as much. She's outfitted for tea with a Care Bear, or a ride on My Little Pony. Game over!


FoFo said...

Very Cute!

Minted Magazine said...

It's very cute! Love the colors, obviously!

Minted Magazine


his_girl_friday said...

Oh so gorgeous!