Wednesday, March 28, 2012

At Month Nine

On a rare sunny Saturday here in Portland, Mr. Jones and I snapped a few photos of my belly at nine months.  I have gotten your emails, friends and family far away, so I am indulging you in how I look these days, unfurled from the tent dresses I usually don.  

It hasn't been a bad pregnancy at all, but wow, pregnancy is long, isn't it?  To think I was pregnant since just days after our wedding in Hawaii.

The only pregnancy curiosities I've experienced is that my navel never popped out (too much info.?) and I've had crazy restless leg syndrome for months and months now.  It's now gotten so awful that I now have to numb my legs with ice before bedtime each night!  And to think I used to be cold in bed.  

Now we're in that strange time, looking for symptoms of the start of the biggest day of our lives, and having no idea what to look for, except something dramatic.  At 3cm dilated already, the doctor says I can 'pop' anytime, though my due date isn't until Monday.  The suspense is killing us, and everyone around us, too. 

Still, we wait, at what Mr. Jones calls "the crossroads of our lives" (hence the intersection in which he wanted this photo snapped).  Wish us luck at the crossing!


sew nancy said...

Looking forward to seeing the baby. You look great.

Sarah Wells Lamont said...

Thinking about you every day.Its so exciting xx

Blaze said...

How exciting! You are so close! Your blog is lovely! :)

kristenmakes said...

You look great! Love these pics! Best of luck to the Unfurled Fam!

FoFo said...

You look lovely! I am sure the suspense is getting to you. I pray you have an easy and quick delivery!