Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Baby's First Shindig

I had the prettiest baby shower in the whole world!  And I'm not just saying that because it was mine.  In fact, I had nothing to do with it at all, except to bring some deviled eggs and homemade bread.  Our friends Jocelyn, Peg, and Sarah hosted it for us.  It was co-ed, really casual, and of course, woodland-themed!  Once the party got going, I hardly picked up my camera.  Luckily, I got these photos of the food+ set-up before it was consumed:

These ladies are all super crafty.  Plus, Peg has an amazing house, Sarah is a model maker/set dresser, and Jocelyn is a Producer/Antique Lover.  Could you want anything more for a party planning super team?

Brad, daughter Florence,  and friend Kristina. Flo is so cute, I'm not even sure she's real.  

The food, all scrumptious.  I'm sure you'll notice this hamburger cake, which I saw at the local grocery store and had to have.  It didn't really jive with the theme, but the ladies were flexible.  Sometimes you take fast food to the woods for a picnic, right?  Maybe that's just me.

Sarah (co-host of the event) and Willow "There's a Tiger Coming" Lamont.  So sweet!

Sarah's owl cookies were fabulous, and Peg made Fluffernutter sandwiches, also at my request.  Unlike the burger cake, these were DEMOLISHED.  Apparently, Fluffernutter is an East Coast phenomenon (or perhaps just Northeast?).  I will change this, single-handedly.  Organic children of Portland are you with me?!?  They were at this party.

The decor, the atmosphere, and the event were just amazing.  I can't say enough.

Mr. Jones and I were so, so touched.  Of course we got many generous gifts, too.  The outpouring of good wishes and anticipation from our friends here has been incredible.  It certainly makes living so far away from "our people" during this time so much easier!  Thanks again, ladies (including all those who brought food, and contributed in other ways).  You certainly gave Mr. Jones + me + 1 a memory to be cherished.

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