Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Dressing Miss Jones

On the weekends, I like to take a couple hours and go out in the car by myself.  I love time with the baby but, by the weekend, it's been a. lot. of. time. with. the. baby.  You know?  Usually I go to a yarn or fabric store, sometimes I get a burrito or bubble tea, often I just run errands.  This weekend I picked up my Bernina from a tune-up and on my way home, saw a shop that said "Vintage by the Pound".  Whaaaaattt...  I went in. It was amazing.  I got all these vintage baby clothes, in various sizes, all great condition, for $20 total.  Oh dear, is dressing Miss Jones going to be fun!

...plus a few more still in the wash!  Is there anything cuter than vintage baby booty?  Happy 4th of July, everyone!

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Stephanie said...

Love vintage baby clothes! My favourite is the smocked dress. I have a bunch of my old baby smocked dresses that my mum kept. My 1 year old now wears them. So cute!

Vintage by the pound. Hilarious concept.