Friday, June 29, 2012

Penny at Three Months

Penelope Jones turns 3 months old today, and wow, it's been an exciting month.  She's  come to life in so many more ways, and is so much easier to care for than her early newborn days.  Her facial expressions are varied and hilarious.  Her noises are so expressive (and sometimes very loud).  She's so reactive, and as her papa puts it, "I feel like we have a relationship!".  Of course, we also acknowledge her deep relationship. with, say, the ceiling light, as well.  Boy, does she love that light.  Still, could you resist these faces when they are focused right on you?

Penny is also napping more, and for longer periods (helllloooo...mama craft time), so she's put on weight and looking like a real baby now, and less like a fetus.  She's currently 11 pounds, 13 ounces!

In the last few days, she's been grabbing her toes, and rolling onto her tummy! We've also switched to cloth diapers to ease my conscience just a bit. She doesn't mind at all. Now, if she could just master lifting that heavy head...

She enjoys relaxing with Daddy in the evenings after work.

And has gotten so much easier to take on day trips!

I have a feeling month four will be filled with even more delights.  What has she got in store for us?

Among other things, many more photo opportunities, I'm sure!


FoFo said...

What a doll!!!! She is abolutely lovely and I am sure she brings you and your husband a great deal of joy.

kristenmakes said...

I'm pretty sure you animated her, because in no way is there a baby THAT cute! Penny is so precious.