Thursday, July 19, 2012

Right Trousers

Do you ever crave some easy pull-on pants?  I certainly do.  Something as easy as sweatpants but a tad more stylish: easily sewn, easily worn, easily washed. I made these from bottomweight organic cotton from Fabric Depot.  They fit the bill.

They have a simple ribbon drawstring instead of elastic so when my tummy is out, it can come out.

The pattern is from the book below.  It's an English translation of a Japanese craft book containing cute clothes from simple patterns.  I made a muslin of these pants in size small, added an inch to the "seat" (ahem) and sewed the final version.  I also made a pajama pair for my friend Peg.  

The only strange thing about the book is that it's missing grainlines on the patterns.  Sewers, any clue?  

I added some patterned bias tape to the bottom edges to match my favorite shoes (and also my favorite scooter).  Mr. Jones declared them "very Diane Keaton".  Sold! Even if I secretly know that means they look oversized and androgenous.

They're great to pull on in the morning, and pull off after five minutes, when the baby has thrown up on them.  I'll be making a few more pairs for the laundry rotation.

For walks, for shopping, for the plane (the plane?  yes, we'll be on one in no time), these pants are working for me.  Hoo.Rah!

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