Tuesday, July 24, 2012

WEIRDWINS, and Other Links

The film on which I was 2nd Assistant Editor for over 2 years is coming out in less than a month!  You should really see it, it's great; I've probably seen it over 500 times.  While you're waiting for its release on August 17th, head over to WeirdWins (click on that word to take you there) and watch some behind the scenes of how "Paranorman" was made (featuring some of our friends)! 

Other links I wanted to share with you, that I've recently been enjoying immensely include:

*Two girls describe their worst haircut ever HERE
*Peewee, thankfully, always lends a good voice HERE (you know how I love PeeWee)
*I'm trying not to OVERFEED THE BABY.



v c said...

hi! i've been lurking on your blog for a while - i love it! and i wanted to let you know that everytime i see the paranorman billboards i think of you. that's not creepy is it? :)

Unfurled said...

That is NOT creepy. That is COOOOL. :)