Thursday, September 6, 2012

Last of the Summer Sews I

Summer sewing has almost come to an end.  I'm almost in the mood for flannel and corduroy, even though it's still in the high 80s here in Portland this week.  Before the season ends, I'll be getting a couple more wears out of this dress that I made recently.  

I used the vintage McCalls pattern below, for a basic shirt dress, though I wanted to avoid it looking too dated (whom, me? scared of dated?) by omitting the collar included.  Instead, I drafted my own kimono collar, loosely based on the Lisette Traveler dress.  I took that pattern piece and measured it to my dress pattern, making adjustments where I needed to.  It worked out well.

The fabric is from Fabric Depot's 'Yard Sale'.  The entire 3 yard cut cost me just over 10 dollars.  It's a really soft stretch cotton made by Mood fabrics.  It washed so well and has worn really nicely.  I just used some ribbon for an easy belt.  Each Summer I seem to get smitten with a large floral print.  Last year it was this one, also found on sale.

Maybe it's that these prints allow me to strike even posier poses than usual. This one being my action hero pose, for the hour-long Hawaii Summer Special.  Stay tuned.

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