Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Last of the Summer Sews II: Antsy

Before Summer ended, I sewed an Oliver & S playsuit for Penny.  I loved this ant farm print, perfect for Penny who does not stay in one position for more than a couple minutes.  She is, indeed, "antsy".

I used a rickrack to make a sweet border between the bodice and legs.

She loved it for rolling around in the grass by day.  Didn't we spend lots of time in the park this Summer!  Everyone was right, having a baby in Spring, and being able to be outside with her all Summer was the absolute best.

Hours and hours rolling on our blanket by day... (baby toes!!!)

and when the evening descended, sometimes we would still be there...

counting on our hands how many more days the weather might be nice enough for time outside.

Knowing no matter what, we've had a lovely time.

We're anxious to see what Autumn brings!

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