Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Nothing Compares 2 U

Are you dressing up today?  What are you going to be?  Penny took advantage of her head being bald and is dressing as Sinead O'Connor

I used McCalls 6590 for her dress.  I LOVE this pattern; I'll be using it again!  I lengthened the back to make it look more like a coat.  Her boots are from a bag of vintage baby shoes, all amazing, that I bought at the Goodwill for $7.99.  Mr. Jones sprayed this pair black.  I ripped and laminated her pope at Kinko's, where they gave me very interesting looks.  

She went to a Halloween Party at one of her baby groups.  Everyone was an animal, except for one newborn who was a pea pod, and Penny. You know you're an older mother when you say your baby is Sinead O'Connor and the moms look at you blankly.  Could really not know who that is? They certainly don't remember the Saturday Night Live appearance.  Ah, well.  

Penny cried when the boy next door came Trick or Treating in his Scream mask, then she went to bed, by 7:45.  Happy Halloween, everyone!  Hope yours is full of treats.

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Jocelyn Pascall said...

oh my god Holly. Oh. My. God. That first picture also reminds me of the hidden mothers images as well. love it.